This is Thailand's leading entertainment that has won numerous awards. The one-hour extravagant show featuring beautiful and glamorous transvestites is a spectacular sight. Featuring the world transvestite competition winners and many other award winners, the show is world-class in every respect, from sound and lighting to production.

Categories : OPION


■Show time 18:00 20:30 21:00
■Period Until December 31, 2024
**VIP DIAMOND 2,050 baht (1st floor, front center)
**VIP GOLD 1,750 baht (1st floor, rear center)
**VIP SILVER 1,350 baht (1st floor, left and right)
**MEZZANINE 950 baht (2nd floor)
※Please see the seating chart here. All seats on the 1st floor are reserved.
※We are not currently offering shuttle tours. Tickets only are on sale.
※There are no child rates (free for children under 2 years old who are holding their child)
※After the show, it will be very crowded when taking photos with the dancers. Please be careful of pickpockets and bag-snatchers.

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